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Arre, metal working

Arre, metal working

Tebras, Kazdangas pagasts, Aizputes novads, Latvija
(+371) 29579440 - Valdes loceklis
Using our experience, up-to-date technologies and imagination of our designers and craftsman, we (SIA “Arre”) are offering you various solutions for almost any kind of metal gates, ornamental iron-bars, fireplace accessories etc. metal coinages matching with other materials, such as wood, stone, glass and others. We offer as well galvanizing of our products using “hot galvanizing”. As our client, you can choose from wide range of ready-made samples, including complex solutions for private houses, offices etc. Technology used gives us possibility to implement private projects and solutions - if there is an idea or sketch, we can sit together and find the best solution possible for implementing idea in real life.
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Romance, guest house
Romance, guest houseGuest house Romance is located in picturesque place - in Abava nature park, Kandava. We offer spacious banquet hall, place for weddings, bathhouse, rooms for seminars and lodgings for night for 50 persons. Agreeing in advance.
Tukuma muzejs
Tukuma muzejsTukuma muzejs regulāri rīko mākslas, vēstures un etnogrāfijas izstādes. Piedāvā apmeklēt ekskursijas, kā arī mākslas un kultūras pasākumus. Piedalās projektos un gatavo plašu zinātnisko publikāciju klāstu. Paralēli tam muzejs veic intensīvu izglītojošu darbu, piedāvājot radošās darbnīcas bērniem.
Saulrieti, recreation centre by the sea
Saulrieti, recreation centre by the seaRomantic weekend. Relaxation for all family, 16 comfortable and homey sleeping - places. Premises for celebration and banquet. Russian and Turkish bathhouses, jacuzzi.
Meldri, recreation centre
Meldri, recreation centreRelaxation centre ar lake Nierza. We can accomodate 50 people, places for beds. A place for swimming, fishing. One of the cleanest lakes in Latvia. Sport grounds.
Sauna katram , store
Sauna katram , storeIebūvējam saunas pēc individuāla projekta. Pirts aksesuāri. Pirts krāsnis. Sāls istabas, paneļi. Gatavas saunu kabīnes. Aprīkojuma uzstādīšana.
LIZARI, Starptautiskais Izglītības, Kultūras un Humānisma centrs
LIZARI, Starptautiskais Izglītības, Kultūras un Humānisma centrsWe heartily invite people involved in organizing and managing educational, cultural, corporate events, business conferences and trainings, concerts and festivals to cooperate.
AMBE, salons Tūkstoš grīdu, flooring materials
AMBE, salons Tūkstoš grīdu, flooring materialsThree layer parquet, classical and exotic wood pulp, different types of rubber covers - for children play grounds, fitnes, training halls, shooting ranges and other sport floors.
Sauna serviss, SIA
Sauna serviss, SIAPirts izbūve mājās un dzīvokļos, saunas, tvaika pirtis, hammam, elektriskās un malkas pirts krāsnis, tvaika ģeneratori un cits pirts aprīkojums
Virškalni, ZS, territory improvement, planting
Virškalni, ZS, territory improvement, plantingZ/s Virškalni main occupation is working out greening projects and equipping gardens. As well as retail and wholesale of rose and other plants.
Modra Bērziņa pieminekļu darbnīca
Modra Bērziņa  pieminekļu darbnīcaStonecutter Modris Bērziņš offers borings in the stone, elements of fire place, works of art - sculptures. Makes granite tombstones, margins. Design elements for garden.
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